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Continuing Education

14 Hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

Medically Important Remediation - MIR 101

Professional Version

CIRSx Institute Badge

HEALTH PROVIDERS AND PATIENTS will be looking for this badge that shows CIRSx-trained environmental professionals.

Medically Important Remediation - Professional Version - MIR101

This course is for indoor environmental professionals, remediators, and restorers desiring to earn a credentialed CIRSx badge and receive 14 CEC hours from IICRC.

The course is strictly controlled. Each lesson must be viewed in its entirety and in order of the course. Quizzes must have a passing grade before moving on to the next lesson.


General audiences wanting informational content only should take the "Medically Important Remediation - MIR100". MIR100 has the same content as MIR101, but without the navigation controls, quiz requirements and digital badge.


CIRSx stands as a beacon for excellence in environmental health, founded by physicians and environmental professionals deeply committed to aiding recovery from mold-related illnesses.

It's an institution at the forefront of educating physicians, medical support personnel, indoor environmental professionals, remediators, and restorers on Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) caused by exposure to water-damaged environments.

CIRSx is dedicated to providing science-based training for medical, environmental, and other professionals. 

This course bridges the gap between traditional remediation practices and the critical needs of medically sensitive environments.

Developed by a team of seasoned industry experts assisted and reviewed by medical professionals, MIR101 provides 16 hours of self-paced, comprehensive training.

It equips technicians with the knowledge to collaborate effectively with healthcare providers, so patients can return to and maintain a healing home.

By choosing MIR101, you choose to elevate your expertise and play a pivotal role in the recovery journey of those affected by mold-related illnesses.

Join us in this mission to extend your professional capabilities and make an impactful difference in the lives of those requiring the highest standard of remediation care.

Course Highlights for "Fundamentals of Medically Important Remediation (MIR101)":

1.     Advanced Remediation Techniques: Delving deeper into the industry standard principles, this course focuses on cutting-edge techniques in microbial remediation, emphasizing medically sensitive environments.

2.     Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Learn the significance of working alongside healthcare providers to ensure the remediation process supports patient recovery.

3.     Medical Considerations in Remediation: Gain insights into how environmental factors influence patient health and how remediation work can be tailored to support healing.

4.     Contributions from Leading Experts: Learn from instructors who are recognized authorities in indoor environmental quality.

5.     Guest Lectures from Medical Professionals: Benefit from lectures that provide a medical perspective on remediation needs and patient care.

6.     Certification and Continuing Education: Complete this course to earn a digital badge acknowledging your expanded expertise .

7.     Support for Sensitive Cases: Understand the special requirements and protocols for handling remediation in spaces occupied by individuals with heightened sensitivity due to health concerns.

8.     Online, Self-Paced Learning: Flexibility to learn at your own pace with online access to comprehensive course materials and support.

A digital badge will be awarded to students successfully completing the course. This badge will acknowledge the student understands the fundamentals of medically important remediation.


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Meet the Instructors

John Banta, CIH

Cindy Edwards, GC-CA

Michael Schrantz, CIEC, CMI

Greg Weatherman, CMC

Bill Weber, GC-CA, CR, CIEC, CMRS